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Russia has found 771 in cases of people infected by COVID-19

Just Only 24 hours, Russia has found 771 in cases of people infected by COVID-19

Russia infected by covid-19

In cases of infection of COVID-19, now Russia increase so fast that the country’s crisis response center is crumbling.
Around Russia country, the number of cases has risen to 771 in just 24 hours.
According to Themoscowtimes, the number of COVID-19 cases rose to 3,548, which could be analyzed as a 43% growth in the last week of March.
A round the country of Russia there has many cases have been reported, but Moscow remains the epicenter of the outbreak with 595 cases of infected of people and has 30 deaths.
Most of the social work in Russia is closed and the workers have been stopped about two week starting from Monday. 
Due to the new virus that has killed more than 47,000 people in worldwide and now spreading around the world. Russia has stepped up its measures to deal with the epidemic in Moscow approving its closure of the city in this week.
Most of people who live in Moscow will be allowed to leave their homes only to seek medical care and to buy some food.This rule will apply regardless age.
President of Russia has signed legislation that will impose severe penalties - including up to five years in prison - for spreading false information about the virus. The law also penalizes people who violate the movement.
One of the leading cancer specialists in Moscow, the Brooklyn Center, stopped receiving patients for chemotherapy after medical tests found that the virus was among its medical staff. A spokesman for the hospital said all staff of the chemotherapy department would be quarantined for two weeks and the patients were under special supervision.
Russia's state statistics service, RoseState, also announced that it would delay the census by 2021 due to the epidemic.

people who infected by covid-19


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