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iPhone running ios 11 and newer now can unlock car doors without a passcode

 iPhones running ios 11 and newer can now unlock car doors without passcode

iphone now can unlock car

iPhone 11 and newer models equipped with the new ios 15 operating system can use Ultra Wideband technology to unlock their cars even while they are in their pockets.
NFC technology must be integrated into cars so that cars and iPhones can open digital locks on each other's doors.

iphone technology unlock car

BMW is currently developing the first digital car that supports Apple's digital car technology, and there are rumors that Hyundai will include this feature in its Genesis line of vehicles as well.

iphone near file connection technology

While the Wallet app can be a digital lock, it may also be used to secure a house, warehouse, hotel room, or place of business. If you need to use or travel far, you can also include you ID card or driver's license, as well as a vaccination card that can only be checked over the phone.

Another benefit of using Ultra Wideband(UWB) technology is the ability to send and receive data between smart phones and other electronic devices over short distances, reducing airwave congestion.


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