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Ferdinand Magellan was the first person travel around the world by boat

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person travel around the world by boat

ferdinand magenllan

Because of scientific advancement, the world today has defined clear shapes, precise locations, and even captured images throughout the universe for humanity to know and see.

Traveling around the world can be a daunting task, but looking back 500 years, it is difficult to determine the size of people's travels. It's even more difficult. Historians believe Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to travel around the world by boat or ship.

He was born in the aristocracy of Portugal around 1480, the son of the country's mayor. Ferdinand Magellan was given the opportunity to study at the palace as a child because of his father's achievements. His favorite skills as a child's, according to historical records, were astronomy and navigation science. Ferdinand Magellan was appointed as an army training officer at the age of 20 due to his intelligence and diligence in learning, as well as having a father who was already mayor.

That was the withdrawal of troops without orders from higher-ups, which prompted the King of Portugal to remove him and even revoke his Portuguese citizenship. He traveled to neighboring Spain after leaving Portugal to pursue work and his dreams of traveling the world.

Finally, thanks to his foresight, Ferdinand Magellan was able to meet the King of Spain in 1518. describe his intentions, and finally trust him. Om August 10, 1519, he set sail with five ships and a total of 265 crew on a river in Spain, entering Portugal before continuing into the ocean. All of the ships were soon on their way to South America, buy they were eventually delayed for about a half-year due to an epidemic. All of the ships also went down there.

After a lengthy stay, Ferdinand Magellan ordered a successful voyage south into the Pacific Ocean, 600,000 kilometers south of Argentina. Only the last three ships arrived in the archipelago of modern-day Philippines after a three-month journey across vast oceans. There were also disagreements between the owners of some of the islands, leaving the Philippines with only two ships.

Ferdinand Magellan later ordered a ship carrying groceries to return to Panama, but it sank in the middle of the ocean.

The last ship sailed into the Indian Ocean and circled Africa until September 6, 1522. The last ship standing, with only 18 of its 265 crew members remaining. After leaving for the first time, I returned to Spain.

This tragic journey and the numerous obstacles mentioned above have finally been hailed as one of humanity's first wonders to be able to travel around the world in a single ship. Not only do they use simple travel, but they also use scientific reasoning, weighing the shape of the planet and recording the surface, water, and roads and maps of the world to some extent, and they are also useful for opening the way for world economy to be more current. 

ferdinand magellan travel by ship

the first person who travel around the world

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