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Forecast from Nostradamus for 2022

 Climate Change 

In 1555, Nostradamus predicted that climate change would be so severe that rising temperatures would render sea fish half-cooked. He also predicted that the human race world go 40 years without rain, which world result in a massive flood that would destroy the nation. Nostradamus also predicted that the rainbow would not be visible for forty years in other parts of his book.

It will be seen every day for forty years, the earth will dry up, and there will be massive floods when it is seen. The United Nations has warned that global warming is likely to reach 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 20 years, a decade sooner than previously predicted.

climate change

Asteroid attack

In 1555, Nostradamus also appears to have predicted that the Earth would be hit by an asteroid, which would cause many deaths.

It is unclear when the Earth will be hit by an asteroid, but the astronomer predicted that "great fire" will fall from the sky.

It is unclear when the Earth will be hit by an asteroid, but the astronomer predicted that "great fire" will fall from the sky.

Nostradamus wrote in an article that the new rain would be eager and world immediately stop the two armies, the celestial fire, rocked the sea, and the death of seven by land and sea.

He also predicted that a great fire would fall from the sky for three nights, with an astonishing and astonishing cause, and that an earthquake would follow.

Nostradamus appears to be predicting that the Earth will be hit by a series of asteroids, causing fires and destruction.

The world has come dangerously close to requesting an asteroid, with an asteroid the size of a London bus disappearing earlier this year.

Inflation has caused widespread hunger

Nostradamus also predicted a global famine brought an but inflation, which would result in rising prices in a failing economy. According to Nostradamus, massive famine will exacerbate conflict as people complete for natural resources threatened by climate change. Nostradamus writes, in part, that no priest, no novice, will learn the high price of wheat, and that people will stir his men to eat in his despair.

Nostradamus appears to be predicting that humanity will never learn and that prices will continue to rise to the point where many people will starve. Countries around the world have seen political instability, epidemics, and gas supply shortages lead to rising inflation with rising food and energy prices.

In the United Kingdom, wholesale gas prices increased 500% in less than a year due to rising energy demand, lower Russian gas exports, and lower French supplies.

the AI technology potential

The AI technology's potential

Nearly five decades ago, Nostradamus predicted the rise of artificial intelligence. Technology has advanced to the point where it is difficult to predict what the future holds. Coming soon, buy Nostradamus appears to predict that people will become "immortal" as AI technology advances.

' A new sage with a lone brain saw it all night on a high mountain, with his disciples inviting to immortalize to the south, hands in the chest, corpses in the fire,' he wrote.

The author's words can be interpreted as a reference to the rise of AI technology, which allows 'immortal' students to replace people on the planet.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already announced that the company will launch a robotic robot next year aired at replacing humans in jobs that are dangerous, repetitive, or tedious.

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