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Google increases revenue for Youtube video creators

youtube shorts revenues


Google Increase Revenue for YouTube Video Creators.

YouTube will begin displaying advertisements on the short video feature, and video creators will save 45% of their revenue.

at a time when this social network is facing increased competition from TikTok, YouTube has recently released a new way to help content producers make money from short videos.

On September 20, Google announced that they will place ads on the Shorts short video feature and the creator of this type of video. Keep revenue at 45%, compared to 55% for long videos that are not in the Shorts category.

Some videographers have expressed support for YouTube's new behavior, recognizing that the social network is attempting to assist video producers in new ways. Expand to different images.

Youtube launched a $100 million fund in April of this year to "tie the knot" for medium-length video producers.

Youtube's new revenue sharing plan aims to increase the appeal of Shorts in a consistent manner.

Google earned $14.2 billion from YouTube advertising in the first half of this year, 9% increase over the same period last year. However, the most recent quarterly sales volume represents the slowest growth since YouTube began publishing earnings data three years ago. 

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