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Nostradamus' predictions about Princess Elizabeth's death

Nostradamus' predictions about Princess Elizabeth's death.

Nostradamus astrology

   Sales of books on Nostradamus astrology have skyrocketed since the princess's death, with many believing that this is the French prophet who predicted her death more than 450 years ago. 

Previously, Nostradamus predicted the Great Fire of London, the rise of Hitler, the rise of Power, and the war that engulfed Europe. Since the princess's death on September 8, 2022, sales of Nostradamus astrology books have skyrocketed, with his book predicting what will happen in the future. 

The book was first published in 2006, with a Quatrain translation that stated, "Princess Elizabeth II will die, about 22 years at he end, at about 96 years old." Book sales for the astrology Nostradamus have skyrocketed since Queen Elizabeth's death, as people have asked the French prophet to predict her death, which she predicted more than 450 years ago. 

Nostradamus also predicted in his book that World War III would occur in the coming years. Inspired by Bible texts and his personal experiences with his plague, he created astrologer of French astrology. He was dubbed "the prophet of the ordeal of French astrologers and physicians" and his prophecies focused on hunger and sorrow were inspired by biblical texts and his own plague experiences. 

Nostradamus' work is still popular more than 400 years after he published it because his prophecies are completely open to interpretations.

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