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Russians Flee The Country In Order To Avoid Conscription

russians flee the country

 Russia will establish a military registration center near the Georgian border. Set up to keep an eye on Russsian men attempting to flee their homeland in order to avoid being sent to the army fighting in Ukraine. 

Officials at the Verkhniy Lars border crossing in Russia have confirmed that they will be tasked with fulfilling the summons of citizens of all ages. Enlist in the military. Recent satellite imagery shows miles of Russian cars, mostly driven by men fleeing their homeland for Georgia.

Rayhan Demytrie stated that all of the passengers crossing into Georgia appeared to be exhausted. They appeared hungry and unable to sleep, but expressed relief upon reaching safety.

They came in groups with suitcases, while others arrived by car or bicycle. And by interrogation, everyone speaks in unison, they do not support the war, but the scale of oppression in Russia causes them to lose authority.

According to the Interior Ministry of the northern Russian republic of Ossetia, which borders Verkhniy Lars, approximately 60 of its officials have been deployed. Already deployed there, the situation is described as "extremely tense" and the army registration center will open soon. Soon to be released.

Long lines were also reported at Russia's borders with Mongolia and Gaza, Also. On September 27, Kazakh presidents Kassym-Jomart Tokayev vowed to protect the safety and well-being of Russian refugees. With a dire situation.

On September 27, Russia's Defense Ministry confirmed that it will not seek the extraditon of Russian nationals traveling abroad. To avoid being , drafted into the army, the country.

It should be noted that Russian President Vladirmir Putin announced on September 21 what he described as a troop movement by Part with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and the activation of approximately 300,000 reservists. However, Russian media speculated that the true figure could be much higher. 

president in russi avoid conscription

Russians avoid conscription

now Russians Flee the country

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