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These Juices Can Make You Look Younger

juices make you look younger

If you want to have beautiful skin, you should try these three drinks because they are rich in nutrients that nourish the skin and prevent it from aging. These drinks are good for your skin, weight loss, stress reduction, and sleep. 

1. Smoothie with passion fruit and mango 

Ingredients: Two Passion fruits, one mango, 200ml unsweetened fresh milk, one unsweetened yogurt box. 
What to do: Peel the squash, grate it, and cut it into small pieces. Divide the parsley in half and squeeze the juice. Blend the mango, fresh milk, and yoghurt together until smooth. 

smoothie with passion fruit

2. Passion fruit and banana smoothie

 Ingredients: Two Passions, one box unsweetened yogurt, 200ml fresh unsweetened milk.
 What to do: Peel, grate and slice a squash. Peal, grate and squeeze the juice from a squash. Then, in the grinder, combine all of the ingredients. 

passion mix with banana

 3. Passion fruit and yogurt

 Ingredients: one or two passion fruits, one or two yogurt boxes, 100ml fresh unsweetened milk, two teaspoons honey.
 What to do: cut the passion fruit, squeeze the juice and grind it with fresh milk, yogurt and honey.

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