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These three scenarios are self-contained

 These Three Scenarios Are Self-Contained

Motivation stems from a strong desire to complete a task that has been set for oneself. If we are determined to complete one task, even if it is a difficult one, we will gain mental strength, which will motivate us to complete other important tasks.

Without a doubt! Helping each other is a good thing in a society that we should do and encourage others to do. However, we should not rely on or disturb anyone, especially when we are in these three situations, even relatives or the people closest to us.

self contained

1. When we don't have Money 

"The rich, though hidden in the deep mountains, are still known, but the poor, even on the way, are ignored," as the saying goes. As a result, you must remember that when you are poor, you have no money, no property, no face, not to mention relying on others to help you, being soft when you are poor, they do not help us and even laugh at the scolding that comes from others. We are slackers who do not work hard because we were not born that way.

Remember that the rich help the poor twice because it is their kindness, but hey cannot help the same people for the rest of their lives. And keep in mind that even if the poor have money and property, not to mention others, including some of our relatives, they connote help us because they do not know who we are. As a result, no matter how poor life is, it must strive on its own to overcome all adversity.

2. When you lack sufficient skill 

Yes, some things we cannot do, but only because we lack the ability to do so. If you lack the ability to do so, do not despair, do not despair of relying on or asking for help from anyone. Because these times, if you go to rely on others, rly on people who cannot help you, they will only laugh at you, so don't rely on anyone. Try to develop yourself  more, try to help yourself first, try to improve yourself well, even if we are very good, have our own ability, only then will others see, and they will want to help us later. And understand that the earth is frail, incapable, and has no place to stand.

3. When you fail

When you fail, whether in love or at work, never bother or ask for help from anyone, knowing that your complaints will be a nuisance to those around you. You must understand that when you have a fracture, the most important thing is to try to understand yourself clearly, to heal yourself, and to not complain, grieve, or bother anyone.

Remember that no matter how close you are to us, no matter how much you worry about us, if we are still grieving, we are still soft, very complex, and no one can listen to our repetitions, so don't bore them. With your failure problem at all. Some people do not want to hear your bad stories because they afraid of losing their fortune, so learning to take good care of yourself to help yourself first is preferable. 

developer yourself

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