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Fannie Mills Who Is In The World Has A Big Foot Lady

Fannie Mills who has big foot lady

Fannie Mills, also known as Ohio Big Foot Girl, was born on August 30, 1860 in Sussex, England. His Father's name George Mills and Mother's name Sarah Ansel. Her body look so small but her legs were too large. She lived in misery despite the fact that she could make a lot of money because of her unusually large legs.

According to the shoemaker, in order to get a pair of shoes that fit Fannie's disease has been diagnosed with lymphoma, which is caused by a birth defect that causes her legs to grow abnormally, according to doctors. Her days were extremely difficult. Fannie could do nothing without Mary Brown. Mary Brown who is his friend and personal nurse. That means Mary Brown is both Fanni's friend and her personal nurse.

This strange disease was first described in 1891, causing many abnormalities in patients such as pus, yellow nails, swollen double eyelids, hearing loss, and more. Women are more prone to the disease, accounting for 70% to 80% of all cases. Despite the fact that her large legs were a major hindrance in her life, they played a role in her success, as photos of Fannie's abnormal legs were displayed to the public at he Dime Museum. The most popular American museum of the nineteenth century.

Fannie was soon dubbed "Ohio Big Foot Girl" a well-known name in the state. Many advertisers have approached her to promote their products and pictures of her large feet have been widely circulated. She became even more successful when companies approached her to advertise, offering up to $5,000 to any man who wanted to marry Fannie.

The marketing campaign outperformed expectations, raising millions of dollars while also receiving a $5,000 grant because Fannie was married to William Brown, 46. He is also the brother of nurse Mary Brown, who looks after her every day and more importantly, William agrees unconditionally to marry Fannie.

Ohio big foot lady

Fannie was only 26 years old at the time and she had a very successful career earning $150 per week(a lot at the time). Fannies's happy life, however, did not last long. Fannie because pregnant in 1887 but she miscarried the baby and her health has deteriorated ever since. In 1982 the massive legs became so heavy that Fannie was unable to move. Her wealthy life became meaningless as a result of this devastation disease and she died on May 4, 1899 in Ohio USA.

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