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Miss Grand Cambodia Represents Cambodia


miss grand cambodia

The lovely Pich Vatey Saravdy has stated her determination to win the Miss Grand Cambodia 2022 beauty pageant.

The resident of the coastal city of Sihanoukville is 22 years old, 1.77 meters tall, and works as an actress.

Pich Vatey Saravadi, Miss Grand Cambodia 2022, left Phnom Penh for the 10th Miss Grand pageant in Indonesia. 

Pich Vatey Saravadi from Cambodia

Miss Pich, who was taking her first flight, expressed her excitement for the upcoming tournament in the tropical paradise of Bali, saying: Good Luck, daughter, from the moment you leave, let your daughter remember that Cambodia and everything we do for Cambodia is in our hands, and we will do our best for our land.

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